Aaron Broussard sentenced to 46 months

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His fall was swift. Just five months ago Aaron Broussard pleaded guilty to two corruption charges involving his then girlfriend and now ex-wife, Karen Parker – prosecutors say he gave her a high-paying job in Jefferson Parish for which she was not qualified – and also bribes he took from Jefferson Parish businessman William Mack.

As he strode into court, Broussard said he was ready to accept whatever sentence the judge handed down and thanked his supporters: “Thank you for your prayers and support. I feel those prayers and support at this moment.”

Broussard was also told he must pay $214,000 restitution to Jefferson Parish to cover the salary his girlfriend received while on Parish payroll and forfeit another $280,000. A payment plan of at least $500/month has been set up.

He will begin his sentence on April 8.

Read the Department of Justice release: Broussard, Aaron; Wilkinson, Thomas; Parker, Karen sent