Ray Nagin is going to jail, but for how long?

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When will ex-mayor Ray Nagin cop a plea? Earlier this week in federal court, Nagin pleaded not guilty to all 21 counts against him.  But that was before a magistrate judge and those pleas were expected.  Now a trial date has been set for mid April and here’s where the real fun begins.

For the next few weeks, Nagin and his attorney Robert Jenkins will continue negotiating with the Feds hoping to bang out a deal.  Nagin wants his sons free and clear from this mess and obviously wants to go away for the least amount of time possible.

15 years ago, Dopey Edwin Edwards could have plead guilty to the crimes he obviously committed and would have spent just 15 months behind bars and his son would have walked free. Instead, the egotistical and narcissistic Edwards rolled the dice one more time and lost, going to jail for a decade.  His son Stephen got 5 years in the clink instead of none.

Will Nagin do the same?   I doubt it.  In the next few weeks look for the ex-mayor to plead guilty to a few of the 21 counts against him.  He’ll go to a federal prison for about 5 years and his sons will go free.  Not a bad deal for a public official stealing from us.

Take the deal C-Ray.  It an easy choice: 5 years in jail or 15-20?  The ball is in the ex-Mayor’s court.