Why Sell Crawfish & Oil When We Have Ft Polk’s Economic Engine!?

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The headline screams “Fort Polk could be hit hard under Army downsizing proposal, state officials fear”(I) and the accompanying story reveals Vernon Parish Police Jury President Jim Tuck’s fear that “A troop reduction would have a devastating economic impact.” Oh no, not that, not a DEVASTATING economic impact which I assume Tuck and other nationalist, grifters define as a derailment of the OPM gravytrain.

You see, in order to fund the careers and exploits of the 13,000 people that Ft Polk employs (II ), there must be revenue. This revenue comes from the national government. Enquiring minds might then ask “well where did they get it from!?” (another voice -off camera adds) “Yeah, where’d they get it from!?”

Good question and there is an equally good answer: they stole it. Whether it’s from the direct theft of productive citizens wages-this is called the income and payroll taxes-corporate profits or sales of debt securities, the OPM spent at Ft Polk, is the product of theft. Put another way, what kind of people sanction the subsistence of today’s bureau or militiacrat by passing IOU’s off to their children? IOU’s that must be paid back with interest? When a private citizen does this we call him Bernie Madoff, when the Feds do it, we call it defense. But defense from Whom?

Today’s Pentagon employs over 800,000 civilians (II), that is a number equal to the population of America’s 14th largest city (III). If these souls were employed writing rules for LA oil wells to live by or manufacturing chemicals to de-oxygenate the water in crawfish ponds, Who Dats would complain, check it, might even revolt. Well, when capital is taken from those who have it and transferred through government to those who don’t it has the same economic effect: it reduces available outputs.

If Louisianans want unfathomable military “spending” to continue, they should be willing to give up selling significant amounts of crawfish and oil to pay for it.

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