New Orleans Bounce Hits ‘American Dad’

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A New Orleans rapper is again getting national attention.

Mr. Ghetto first caught the world’s attention two years ago with his controversial ‘Wally-World’ music video.

It’s recently been featured on a nationally syndicated cartoon.

It’s become something of an urban anthem; introducing the world to Bounce, and placing the New Orleans man behind the music in the national spotlight.

“Words couldn’t even explain how I feel,” said rapper Robert Maize.

Robert Maize, a.k.a “Mr. Ghetto” said interest in his catchy Wal-Mart song started pouring in nearly two years ago, soon after the racy music video was launched.

First there were millions of YouTube hits, and then came the phone calls from TV executives with The Cartoon Network.

“They called and said the producers and all the writers and everything they love me and wanted to use it; and I’m a fan of their show I said go you know it was a no brainer man,” Maize said.

web_ghettoAnd finally this week, ‘Wally-World’ and Bounce were featured in an episode of American Dad, titled ‘Naked To The Limit.’

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “What was that like for you to see? It was just a blessing from God, Jesus Christ it was a blessing because I work hard, you know what I’m saying,” Maize said.

“Ghetto” would not talk specifics about compensation.

“(Laugh) its business, business, its business.” Trotter asked, “Laughing to the bank? It’s business,” Maize replied.

But it hasn’t all been easy street for the 26-year old.

New Orleans police say Maize got into it with his neighbor last August. He reportedly barricaded himself inside his home during a lengthy stand-off with the NOPD Swat Team.

It took tear gas to bring him out, then he posed for a  mug shot.

“Basically on that, just life you go through life,” Maize explained. “You live and learn you know what I’m saying.” “Sometimes you gotta go through negative to get positive.”

Now he’s focused on his music and the beginnings of what he believes are great things to come.

“I just want this to be an example for everyone that’s in New Orleans that no matter what, as long as you put God first and work hard, anything is possible you know what I’m saying,” Maize said. “Wally Wally World Baby! (laugh).”

Mr. Ghetto says he’s already been approached and is finalizing another national project.