Will New Orleans be able to maintain our post-Super Bowl clean city?

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The recent Super Bowl/Mardi Gras combo and the 2 or 3 weeks that surrounded those big events were probably the biggest – as far as economic impact – in the history of our city and surrounding area.  The two events together exceeded $750 million of economic impact for the region.

In preparation for last month, New Orleans wisely spent hundreds of millions of dollars improving infrastructure and sprucing up our city.  From modernizing our airport, to cleaning up the appearance of our interstate, to replanting neutral grounds, we spent a lot of tax payer money on cleaning up New Orleans … and that’s great.   I’m just wondering, did anyone think about maintaining these new improvements to our city?

It’s great to clean up for a Super Bowl, Final 4, or a Pope’s visit; but the bigger question is: how do we keep it clean or maintain these improvements?

In gambling an over/under is the total points scored by both teams.  You can either bet the teams will score over or under that number.  What do you think the over/under is, as far as time is concerned, for how long it will take the train trellis over I-10 by the cemeteries to be tagged again with graffiti?   A week?  A month?

It’s great that the city “cleaned up” for theses major events, but we need to make sure we maintain out improvements.