After School Shootout Leaves Teen In Critical Condition

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A gun battle at a bus stop injures one teen wearing a school uniform and an ankle monitor.

The crime scene next to a Rent a Center at N. Broad St. and Esplanade Ave. is just one block away from John McDonough High School.

“There was an altercation,” says New Orleans Police Spokesperson Frank Robinson. “At which time gunshots erupt leaving a teenager in critical condition shot twice to the body. We don’t know what part of the body he was shot in.

“Hit to the leg, the buttocks, the shoulder, the chest and the abdomen,” says one eyewitness not wanting to reveal his name.  “Five times with a 45.”

“If you know anything about guns, it was a 45 Colt,” says another witness afraid to go on camera in fear of retaliation, “There was two shots. Boom boom. Then there was like ten big shots. Boom boom boom boom.”

“They were in school uniforms,” says Robinson.

The two eyewitnesses say the shooter who opened fire first was the one who ended up in the hospital.

“The guy that shot that child was a grown man. Wasn’t a student.”

“We are talking to someone. We don’t know what her involvement in this incident was,” says Robinson.

“When he took off running after he was done, and the guy was going to his knees. She opened up her purse and he stuck a gun in her purse and she started walking off,” says the eyewitness.

“How he didn’t shoot anybody else is what amazes me,” says the other.  “If that kid survives, he’s got an eternal will to live.”

The N.O.P.D.  nor John McDonough High School will confirm if either shooter is a student.

Orleans Parish deputies say the juvenile shooting victim wearing the ankle monitoring devise was not in violation of his curfew when he got shot.