Do It Yourself Drago’s Oysters

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Tommy Cvitanovich owns one of the best seafood joints in town, and he may owe his success to a sauce he discovered 20 years ago. This buttery delight singles out Drago’s from the rest and is probably the reason why they serve 3 Million charbroiled oysters a year. But now they’re trying something new, finally giving you a chance to whip up the magic from home.

“We’re very excited. I mean, that’s been the biggest question. After people would eat the oysters or whether coming online is, “Can we get these oysters back home in where ever?” We can’t cook them and ship them. There’s no way. I mean, we don’t even serve them a minute after we cook them,” says Cvitanovich.

As of now all that has changed. Cvitanovich has created a package, shipped overnight, with all that’s necessary to make Drago’s Charbroiled Oyster’s anywhere.

“You’re getting three dozen oysters, and it comes with the sauce, it comes with the cheese, it comes with the French bread, and we also throw in some Mardi Gras beads.”

They even include the Drago’s paper so you can really enjoy the full experience, a disclaimer to keep lawyers happy, and a step-by-step guide.

“This is the kind of gift that you give to that person that has everything, and you don’t know what to buy. Three dozen charbroiled oysters; they got to do a little work, but it’s well worth the work that they have to do!”

The package costs $69.95, and that does include the overnight shipping. It’s a little bit of New Orleans served anywhere you want!

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