St. Augustine H.S. President Resigns

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Karen Collins resigns as St. Augustine’ s  President and CEO.

The news surprised a lot of people connected to the school.

Her predecessor, the rev. John Raphael, left after a dispute over corporal punishment in 2011.

Collins was hired in June of 2012.

“I didn`t know. I was surprised. I found out maybe two or three hours ago, says  Paul Beaulieu, General Manager at WBOK 1230 AM. “I don`t know any of the internal workings as to why she resigned.”

The school issued a statement confirming Collins resignation after hiring her eight months ago.

“That`s part of the surprise that it did happen after such a short tenure,” says Beaulieu.

“That`s part of the surprise that it did happen after such a short tenure,” says Ted George who graduated in 1997.  “When you give it all that you can sometimes that is the time when you must say i can do no more.  Bring in re-enforcements.”

Neither Collins or the high school are saying if the former president resigned on her own or if she was asked to leave.

“The president`s office is always been an office of vehicle to raise money. To my knowledge dr. Collins was doing that,” says Beaulieu.

“The fundraising aspect of the principle will be missed but we will have a new president in tune and we will be just fine. St Augustine High School is in good hands,” says George.

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