City Park’s Injured Black Swan Recovering From Surgery

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A successful surgery after doctors repair the injured leg of Amanda, the only black swan in City Park.

“I’m not used to anything with a neck that long,” says Dr. Rose Lemarie who will  perform the surgery.

Amanda the black swan was found in City Park suffering from an open leg wound and bones from her joint fully exposed.   Park official say Amanda was attacked.

“It was some sort of trauma obviously, but other than that Amanda’s not talking,” says Dr. Lemarie

Prepping for swan surgery includes  anesthesia and then plucking feathers around her injury.

X-rays show doctor’s exactly where to surgically repair her joint.

“She also had a tarsal laxation which means that the joint was opening up where it shouldn`t open up,” says Lemarie.”

Once in the O.R. Dr. Gregory Rich from West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic and Bird Hospital monitors Amanda’s vital signs.

Lemarie says the most delicate parts of this surgery is putting the screws in exactly the right spot,  “The biggest problem in this swan is getting enough soft tissue to cover the heads of the screws.”

She says the screw placement turned out to be a success, “We placed these screws and made an evaded suture  around the screws to pull that joint together.”

Once Amanda’s leg is sewn back together she`s taken into post-op to bandage up a splint.

Dr. Rich says when  Amanda comes off the anesthesia  her road to recovery can finally begin, “Medications, nutrition, fluid therapy and bandage changes.”

Doctors are optimistic Amanda will  one day soon be released back to City Park.

“That`s the goal. We don`t want Amanda to have to live in more captivity,” says Lemarie.

Rich predicts Amanda will be able to walk again  in about seven days.

Then he’ll monitor’ City Parks only black swan to have a better idea if and when she`ll return the wild.


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