On Valentine’s Day, diamonds really ARE a girl’s best friend

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NEW ORLEANS – The options seem endless at Aucoin Hart Jewelers in Metairie. There are diamonds galore!

Third generation owner Tommy Aucoin Jr. says, “It’s a symbol of love. They’re beautiful. They’re rare. So ladies love to have diamonds for Valentine’s Day.”

Those at Aucoin Hart are expecting quite the crowd of last minute shoppers come Valentine’s Day. It’s a day Tommy Aucoin Jr. looks forward to. A chance to follow a couple from the start.

“A lot of times people decide Valentine’s Day is the day. It’s spontaneous. It’s time for commitment, and it’s time to propose,” says Aucoin Jr., “People from Louisiana have a lot of pride. We have a lot of pride, so it’s important to know that you can buy a beautiful piece of jewelry and it feels special when you know it was made here. Our focus over the last two decades has really been investing in building our workshop. We still have quite a bit of skilled craftsmen back here that make and create.”

At Aucoin Hart diamonds do best and it’s no surprise especially when most of what’s sold here is going to the ladies. It’s a shop that’s stood the test of time. A place that’s making us shine.