Replacing U.S. Attorney Jim Letten

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How do you replace Drew Brees?  When the Saints all-star signal caller decides to retire, how do you replace him?   The answer is: you can’t.   When the greatest all time Saint retires, that’s it, he’s done and there is no replacement.

That appears to be the exact same feeling we have toward replacing former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.  Letten, like Brees, is an all-star and is the single greatest crime fighter this city or region has ever seen. So replacing him, like Brees, is almost an impossible task.   There will never be another Drew Brees, and there will never be another Jim Letton.

But it appears Mary Landrieu has named her choice as the Eastern District of Louisiana’s new chief prosecutor: his name is Kenneth Polite, Jr.  He is a New Orleans native, like Jim Letten.  He is a graduate of De La Salle High School, like Jim Letten.  And like Jim Letten before he ran the New Orleans office, Polite is a former federal prosecutor.

Lets hope Mary Landrieu’s choice is an apolitical one.  Lets hope Polite is as relentless and effective as Letten was.   New Orleans has moved too far in the right direction to go back.

It’s almost impossible to replace the great Jim Letten.   Lets just hope his replacement is like Drew Brees, like Jim Letton: a difference maker, an effective leader, and a winner.  We deserve no less.