New Orleans Police Tally 2013 Carnival Arrests

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Mardi-Gras-Costumes-009 New Orleans police are calling carnival season a success that resulted in fewer overall arrests.

Droves of visitors are making their way through Armstrong international with bags of beads and other souvenirs — from what almost everyone is calling a successful carnival season.

“Thumbs up all the way,” said Jeff Ende from Las Vegas.

Hundreds of thousands of Mardi Gras revelers packed bourbon street and other parts of the downtown corridor for carnival.

And let’s not forget the Super Bowl crowd that packed the Mercedes-Benzes Superdome and beyond — just one week ago.

Admittedly, it has been a busy few weeks for members of law enforcement.

“We’ve turned a page in the history of the New Orleans Police Department in these last three weeks,” Superintendent Ronal Serpas said. “We were there, we were on time, we were respectful and we did a damn good job.”

This Carnival season police made 47 gun arrests, along parade routes and in the French Quarter.

That’s a 47-percent increase, compared to last year’s gun arrests.

Marie Smith is headed back to Washington D.C.

“I was actually impressed myself,” Smith said. “I didn’t see any fights; I didn’t see anything too crazy,” see said. “It seems everyone was just having a good time.”

But whenever you mix large crowds with alcohol, problems are bound to happen.

Overall, police made 879 arrests; including physical arrests and summons to appear.

That’s down from 1056 arrests last year.

Jeff Ende joins in to applaud police efforts.

“Everything went pretty smoothly,” Ende said.  “There were people everywhere but police did their job I think.”

“It’s been a really good effort on behalf of everybody and I’m really thankful and pleased,” said New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “Think you’ll come back?” “Oh yes, definitely,” Smith replied.

This year, police seized a total of 49 guns along parade routes and in the French Quarter.

Aside from Saturday’s Bourbon Street shooting that sent four people to the hospital, the NOPD is reporting no major problems.