Make The Perfect Valentine’s Day Bubble Bath

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NEW ORLEANS – “It’s a really good way to basically relieve tension, melt away the stress of the day, help to really moisturize your skin,” says Alexis Wesley from LUSH.

So why not draw the perfect bath for your Valentine and allow them to unwind in the comfort of their own home. Plus, who knows where it can go from here.

“I mean a Valentine’s bath is a really good way to set the mood,” says Wesley, “We have same sex couples that come in here and they’ll get things for their partners, we even have some single ladies who will get it for another on Valentine’s Day and of course the couples, sometimes they come in together or separate to surprise the other, but sometimes they come in together just to get together the perfect Valentine’s Day bath.”

LUSH’S Alexis Wesley says first get the temperature just right, and once the tub is full drop on a bath bomb. You can walk away now or up your game by adding a bubble bar.

“Grab a little chunk of the bubble bar, break it up, and let it crumble underneath running water. Be prepared for some big Hollywood bubbles. The whole bathroom when you walk in is going to be lofting with a beautiful scent from whatever bath bomb you have.”

LUSH’s message bars are also pretty great for if you have a Valentine, but if you’re single you can use them to pamper yourself.

“You can literally just rub it on to give yourself a little bit of moisture,” says Wesley.

Whether showing yourself some love or splurging on your date, a perfect bubble bath takes minutes to create and hopefully sets the mood for a lifetime!