Bakery offers erotic cakes for Valentine’s Day

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Stumble into Hot Chocolate and the name says it all.  The French Quarter shop carries “male torso pops,” “corset pops,” even “Mr. Big pops.”  This ain’t your average bakery!

Some of the sweet treats from Erin McGowan-Moniz’s oven are even too hot for News with a Twist.  “We use a lot of puns on the cakes, so we’ve done ‘I have a heart on for you’ with a (BLEEP) cake and hearts for (BLEEP), things like that.”

It’s not exactly what Eddie was planning to get all 4 of his ex-wives this valentine’s day!  Eddie says, “Flowers and cards and candy.”  When I ask if he’d ever get one of them an erotic cake, he says, “Oh yeah, absolutely,” and lets out a hearty chuckle.

McGowan-Moniz starts each cake with basic flavors and buttercream icing.  If you’re really feeling rowdy, she can kick it up a notch.  “Kaluha, Bailey’s, rum, bourbon, vodka, cognac.  We’ve even done tequila, which I can’t even honestly say that sounds very good but it’s been ordered quite a few times and some people like it!”

As for the decorations, they’re as wild as your imagination.  Erin baked our News with a Twist cake with some well-placed lingerie.  So, why go gaudy when you can buy something practical like an iron?  McGowan-Moniz says, “You’re not gonna talk about the iron for very long except, can you believe they gave me an iron for Valentine`s day!?  My parents, my father gave my mother a hammer once for some occasion and she hasn`t let him live that down!”

One look at her erotic cakes and your honey will certainly be talking!


Hot Chocolate is located in New Orleans’ French Quarter at 509 Dumaine Street.