It’s time to talk about the Causeway Bridge

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What to do with the Causeway Bridge?  Or should I say bridges?

The original Causeway Bridge, the one going from the north shore to the south shore, was originally built in 1956.   That means it’s a fairly old bridge.  A nearly 60 year old bridge. The newer span was built in 1969, meaning it’s nearly 45 years old.  Any other city in America would have built another span by now, or would have replaced the aging structures entirely.

The problem with the Causeway Bridges, besides being outdated, is that they have no emergency shoulder.  Who knows, but a shoulder may have stopped the tragedy that took place earlier this week when a truck and its driver tragically went off the bridge and into the lake.

Each weekday 42,000 cars cross the Causeway.  That’s 210,000 a week, or almost 11 million per year.   To have a couple of outdated bridges with absolutely no plan as to how to improve the situation is entirely unacceptable. What’s most amazing is the affluent, educated, well-to-do north shore community accepts this below average structure.

It’s been over 4 decades since the 2nd causeway was built.   How much longer do we need to wait before the we see the next major improvements to these iconic structures?  After another motorist loses their life?  Lets hope not.