Busy Airport Weekend Ahead For Many Reasons

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Friday afternoon, workers at Louis Armstrong International Airport handed out beads to tourists arriving for carnival.  If needed, they also offered advice.

But many tourists already had plenty of expectations when they arrived.

“Craziness, good food, good people,” said Kenny Edege of San Diego.  Edege was arriving for is second Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  He brought a friend who would enjoy the fun for the first time, Edmond Lewis, and who also had plenty of expectations.

“A lot of drinking.  A lot of good times,” Lewis said.

Other people at the airport weren’t so worried about catching beads.  The were more concerned about catching a flight home.  A giant snow storm caused some flights to the eastern part of the U.S. to be canceled.

Some of the travelers Friday were in town for the Super Bowl.  Those who are Baltimore Ravens fans were treated to a world-class experience to got with their world championship.

“It was just fabulous.  It was rocking.  It was crazy.  And I’m totally exhausted for being here, but I had the time of my life,” said one Ravens fan as he walked toward one of the airport’s security checkpoints.

Some of the locals at the airport were opting out of the final weekend of carnival.  Disney World is always a popular destination.  For the Dehmer twins of Mandeville, beads would be replaced by snow skiing, a decision that comes with its own set of worries for the ten-year-old boys.

“When you’re on your skis, and you lose your balance, and you do the splits, your pants rip.  It’s cold,” Sam Dehmer said.