NFL Shop Opens to the Public

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Fans started lining up before the NFL Shop opened to the public Friday morning, wallets in hand, ready to spend some money.

At least 80 people were in line when the doors finally opened. Once inside, they didn’t blink at the prices: official jerseys, $135; a regulation size Wilson football, $150.

Shoppers browsed tons of Super Bowl memorabilia like banners, team helmets and even shot glasses ($11).

And it’s not just Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers gear. All 32 NFL teams are represented.

“I’m hoping to find something that I can only find here,” Ravens fan Matthew Carey told WGNO’s Jon Huffman. “And then sell it on eBay or hold it for ransom for relatives or something like that.”

“I brought lots of money,” confessed Nicole Morrow. “We’re helping the economy and the NFL, cause they need it.”

The most popular team in the store this morning weren’t the Ravens or 49ers … no, it was the New Orleans Saints.