City Streets Packed With People and Money

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Hundreds of thousands of Super Bowl XLVII visitors are starting to pack the downtown corridor.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau is reporting the 37,000 hotel rooms in the metro area are all sold out.

Of those rooms 22,000 are in the downtown area.

The projected economic impact of the Super Bowl is an estimated $423 million.

Restaurants like Oceana Grill in the French Quarter are already reporting an increase in sales.

Managers at the Roosevelt Hotel on Baronne say this is the busiest weekend they’ve had since the hotel reopened in 2009.

“Beginning last night, tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday night the hotel has been sold out probably for four or five months,” said General Manager Todd Chambers.

“Not only did we have to hire extra people for this event, but we’ve had to open longer hours,” said Oceana Grill co-owner Moe Bader. “People are having a good time eating and drinking and enjoying themselves.”

City leaders are excited about showcasing improvements that have been made since Hurricane Katrina.