Super Bowl commercials

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We all know that the Super Bowl features some of the funniest – and most expensive – commercials. Let’s be honest … when the Saints aren’t in the game, the commercials are the reason to watch! Here are some of the commercials you saw (or missed) in this Super Bowl:

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  • Heather

    Kids and animals are always in the Super Bowl commercials I love the most! I decided to take the day off from my job at DISH so that I could witness this year’s commercials live. I’m psyched that this will be the first Super Bowl that I record on my DISH Hopper. It has a hard drive that can fit 1,250 SD or 450 HD hours, so not only do I have room to save tons of my favorite TV show series and movies, but I also won’t ever have to debate if I should delete the Super Bowl to make room to record other things.

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