Super Bowl Celebrations Start at Woldenberg Park

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NEW ORLEANS – Thousands of people excited about Super Bowl XLVII gathered Thursday night at Woldenberg Park for a ceremonial celebration.

The enthusiastic crowd cheered as the Super Bowl XLVII Roman numerals arrived on the Mississippi River by barge.

The numerals stood 30-feet high and more than 100-feet wide.

The music and light show on the barge was punctuated by a spectacular fireworks display.

“I think it’s incredible!” “I think it’s incredible for us the citizens of New Orleans, I think it’s incredible for the city,” said New Orleans native Eli St. Julien. “I think it’s incredible for anyone willing to come down here and take advantage of it.” “It’s a wonderful thing.”

The celebration at the riverfront was the first of a four-day football and music festival at Woldenberg Park.

The event features live music from local bands.

It’s free and open to the public.