When in New Orleans Do As Southerners Do

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There’s an old saying from Rome “si fueri Romae. Romanus vivot more” – when in Rome act as Romans act. Someone should replace Rome with New Orleans and share it with the cast & crew of the CBS TV spectacle “The Talk”. While filming yet another obsequence of its hosts mere existence in Jackson Square, CBS decided to place their logo over the base of the statue of Andrew Jackson1. When New Orleanians discovered the insult and demanded it cease, CBS trotted out an overpaid and undereducated “Senior producer” to assuage the Who Dat peasantry of their own graciousness with “New Orleans has been such a great city and showed such support over the years for CBS daytime.”


It is so nice to know we have enough laid off or lazy citizens lying about that find time to watch CBS’s daytime TV but does that excuse ill-manners? These TV shows desire to get the picturesque view of New Orleans that Jackson Square offers without the Jackson. CBS pledged to remove the sign from TOUCHING Jackson’s statue but it vowed to continue protecting vegetative viewers’ tender sensibilities “by covering up the name”. Wouldn’t want a housewife in suburban San Diego seeing “…remember the Alamo” now would we?

(cupping his hand to whisper to the camera) “To most Americans, all historical sites look alike.”


This of course adds to the fury stirred by the scapegoaters at the NFL who have drawn a “clean zone” around the city that is only clean if you are an NFL accountant “cleaning up” on royalty fees, extorted from local businesses2. Now what was that business City leaders told us about all those billions we’d receive in economic impact from hosting a Super Bowl?


Like the carpetbagging Yankees who left the Crescent city after their pillage of “reconstruction” was finished, the cast of “The Talk” and the rude, disrespectful media hordes they invaded with, will return to the indulgent set of “Housewives of New Jersey” to reminisce over the photos they took in New Orleans, of Custer’s Last Stand.

1 http://www.examiner.com/article/new-orleans-residents-angry-with-cbs-the-talk-sign-on-historic-monument

2 https://wgno.com/2013/01/24/aclu-suing-over-super-bowl-clean-zone-ordinance/