Radio Row at Media Day in the Superdome

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NEW ORLEANS – It is the biggest turnout of international media the Super Bowl has ever seen. More than 5,000 reporters, photographers and technicians have jammed into the Morial Convention Center to set up for their Super Bowl coverage.

If New Orleans needed positive publicity, that wish is coming true today. The media hoard is here and so far they’ve had nothing but good things to say about New Orleans food and nightlife.

Tuesday on Radio Row, hundreds of sports radio reporters from all over the nation were set up and broadcasting live, non-stop. Since there’s been no action with players so far (not even any practices yet) about the only thing these reporters can report on is the city’s nightlife.

Drew Forrester does the morning show on Baltimore radio station WNST: “We’re asking if they might want to make this a regular thing. Any way we can keep coming back down here, particularly if it’s going to be 70-degrees. When we left Baltimore it was 15, so we’re pretty happy with that.”

They’re here from San Francisco, New York, St. Louis … just about every corner of the nation. And all are quick with their predictions of what will happen Sunday.

“I actually think the Ravens are going to win,” Forrester says.

Most of the media is in town already, however the fans are not expected to start pouring into town until Thursday and that’s when the town will really start to go crazy.

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