Nearly 12,000 without power in Jefferson Parish

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  • Jerry

    Lovely Entergy. They were suppose to get into trouble after Hurricane Issac, correct? I guess the Saints season started wiped out that performance review of this jerry-rig company.

    The hurricane season of 2013 will start in a few months, let's hope the citizens and journalist of New Orleans/Jefferson Parish don't forget to evaluate Entergy before the season starts.

    While your sitting without power, these Entergy big wigs will be sitting in their Super Bowl suites.

    New Orleans spends so much time bragging about themselves, they forget to handle the issues that really change things for a positive. Pot holes, jerry-rig energy company's that leave you in the dark, letting shady New Orleans politicians scare you into voting for the tolls, etc… There are simple solutions to solve these problems and this corruption, you just have to demand.

    Tell the journalist to stop covering the Saints 24-7 and stories about what bars they like, bring attention to real issues that can get solved.

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