Firefighters Say Man Set House on Fire for Attention

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St. Tammany Parish firefighters say a man set his house on fire because he wanted media attention.

They say Rod Francis Davis burned his home on Horse Branch Road in Covington July 7, 2012.

His neighbors home got hit by lightning and burned the previous day.

A New Orleans television station covered his neighbor’s house fire.

Investigators say Davis repeatedly asked the firefighters who responded to his home when reporters would be arriving for his interview.

They say Davis says he started the fire to collect insurance money and fund a gambling addiction.

Davis saved his dog from the burning home.

It had to be treated for smoke inhalation for three days.

“Not only did Mr. Davis allegedly defraud his insurance company, which affects insurance costs for everyone, but he endangered his entire neighborhood.  He endangered an innocent animal. And he endangered our firefighters.  There is no excuse for any of that.” said Fire District 12 Chief Darrell Guilott.

Firefighters say Davis went to fire headquarters during the investigation and asked to become a volunteer firefighter or apply for a job.