Police Arrest 15-Year-Old In MLK Day Shooting Case

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New Orleans police say the shooter in Monday’s MLK Day attack is 15-years-old.  He’s in custody and faces an Aggravated Assault charge that could be bumped up to Attempted Murder.

The attack happened at the Central City Market on MLK Boulevard less than an hour after the city’s MLK Day parade passed by.

Five people were hurt.  Police aren’t sure if all five were targeted or just in the wrong place.

“There was an ongoing feud between a group of individuals with the victims and the group of perpetrators,” said Detective Timothy Cison.

Police say the shooter was a passenger in the car with at least two or three more people with him.  They say all the people involved, once caught, will face charges.

“So call your mother, get your attorney, and turn yourself in to the 6th District or Central Lockup, whichever you want to do, but we are not going to stop looking for you,” said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

The 15-year-old suspect could have his first court appearance early next week.