Big Game Traffic Changes Could Make CBD Driving Super Difficult

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Super Bowl Preparations call for more road closures Saturday.

People driving near the Superdome will most likely be affected by the closures.

The river-bound lanes of Poydras street will be closed from Lasalle to South Claiborne.

The Poydras exit from I-10 east will also be closing Saturday.

“I’ve got to come down here that whole week, so I think I’ll probably take the street car,” said CBD worker Adam Bosse.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “What do you plan to do?” “I plan to get out early and avoid the crowd,” CBD worker Julia Clarke replied.

The best option for drivers who More road closures for Super Bowl preparations begin this weekend.

The best option for people who work near the Superdome will be the Loyola exit from the Pontchartrain Expressway, and use Loyola to access other streets downtown.

Traffic restrictions are expected to intensify closer to Super Bowl Sunday.

City leaders suggest using public transit to ease traffic concerns.

“All of Public Safety, and the NFL are trying to get a handle on all of these issues and we’re ready to go,” said Deputy Mayor or Public Safety Lt. Col. Jerry Sneed.

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