Saintsation Ashley Heads to Pro Bowl

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There’s no doubt Ashley Lewis has moves. Actually, the 24-year-old has had a sensational season. To top it off she’s been selected out of a squad of 32 represent the Saintsations at the Pro Bowl.

“I’ve been dancing since I was two years old. Dancing is a huge passion of mine and I decided I wanted to take my dance career to the next level, so I went to my first Saints game which was the year before I tried out, five years ago, and I was watching the cheerleaders dance and I looked at my friend and said, you know I want to do that,” says Lewis.

Ashley grew up in St. Bernard Parish, Chalmette to be exact, but after Hurricane Katrina her family moved to Ponchatoula. She graduated from Southeastern University, still lives at home, and vows to never forget that feeling she got the first time she performed at the Superdome.

“The first time I walked out on the field was amazing; kind of overwhelming because I didn’t know what to expect, but to hear that crowd scream for you, the entire team, I was like oh my God this is amazing.”

This is Ashley’s fourth year on the team, and this will also be her last year as a Saintsation, but she has big plans.

“I am working on being a professional photographer. I’ve been studying and taking photographs and hopefully in the near future I’ll have my photography studio.”

And while her season comes to a close, the future looks bright for Ashley who is ready to turn the page on the next chapter of her life.