ACLU Suing Over Super Bowl Clean Zone Ordinance

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The ACLU is suing the city of New Orleans over its “clean zone” ordinance.

At the request of the NFL the new rule restricts temporary signs during the Super Bowl.

They signs must be approved by the NFL and need to have an NFL logo.

The ACLU says the ordinance violates the right to free speech.

“The signs I’m sure every bar and restaurant in the French Quarter will have during Super Bowl week which are going to say things like, restrooms for customers only, all will be prohibited”, said ACLU Louisiana Executive Director Majorie Esman.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s office says it disagrees with the ACLU’s characterization of the ordinance.

The mayor’s office says the ordinance aims to protect the quality of life for neighbors and help businesses thrive during the Super Bowl.

The office also says other cities nationwide implement similar restrictions during major events.

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