Why you shouldn’t feed your dog table scraps

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Your dog might do anything for just a taste of what’s on your plate. Some of us can’t resist that cute face, but sneaking fido that food could lead to more than you bargained for.

Some dogs, like Jackon, will have pancreatitis, according to Dr. Genevieve Wisdom from Southeast Veterinary Specialists.

“The pancreas is the organ that sits right next to the stomach, and it produces enzymes that help you digest your food,” explains Dr. Wisdom. “Sometimes when they get a really rich meal like steak or something that is abnormal for them their pancreas will get irritated.”

Sounds like a simple stomach ache, but it can be much worse.

“Pancreatitis can be a range of extremes. We certainly have some dogs in the hospital for 7 or 8 days with pancreatitis. With really severe pancreatitis sometimes we even have to put in a feeding tube to help them through it.”

Most pups, though, just require fluids, nausea medicine and rest … and eventually more food, but this time … their food!

“Good to stick with dog foods feeding your animals. If you have to feed your animals people food, feed them bland food. No sugars, or butters or oils. Try to stick with bland boiled chicken and rice.”

And if you just can’t resist knocking off a piece of rich steak from the table?

” I definitely can’t recommend that, but if you are feeding table scraps keep an eye on how your dog is feeling, whether they’re lethargic, whether they’re wanting to eat normal food, how much water they’re drinking. Certainly vomiting and diarrhea are both an abnormal sign that you should seek some medical help for.”