Sean Payton is back

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The number one leader of this New Orleans Saints team is back.   Sorry Drew Brees, but the heart and soul of this football team is Sean Payton.

Brees may be that once in a lifetime player, but Payton is the glue that hold this team together.   Just look at this past season.

No Sean Payton, no playoffs for the first time since 2008.   As a matter of fact, the 41 games Payton and his Saints won before his suspension was the most by any coach in the NFL over that 3 year period.  He was the most successful coach right up to the bounty gate penalties. That success obviously includes a Super Bowl victory following the 2009 season.

Payton is a hyper-competitor who happens to have one of the most cutting edge offenses in the history of the league, run by one of its greatest players.  He is a talent evaluator extraordinaire who not only knows good talent when he sees it, but more importantly, knows how that talent might or might not fit with this ball club.

He is one of the best game-day coaches in the league.  And now he’s back.   Effective immediately.  Watch out NFL.   Sean Payton is back.  And I’m sure he’s got something to prove.