5 People Shot following MLK Day Parade in Central City

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The parade went just as Dr. King would have wished.  But not long after it passed the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Lasalle Street, shots rang out.

Police say five or six people were gathered outside the Central City Market when someone in a white car drove by and opened fire.  Five people were hit.  Police say none of the injuries is life threatening.

Police say they located security cameras in the area and were able to see the car — and more — on the footage.

“We saw the video, and was watching the video, and saw a police car pass in front of the store about a minute or less before the white vehicle came behind it and opened fire on these young men,” said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

The shooting is frightening and even offensive for many people for more than one reason.

First, it just reinforces statistics and opinions that paint Central City as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New Orleans.  Second, it happened on MLK Day, on MLK Boulevard, not long after the MLK Day parade passed.

Neighbors told WGNO News that young adults are responsible for the violence even though they see the consequences.

“It’s the young ones.  They don’t understand.  They ain’t getting it,” one woman said.

After the shooting, Sister Mary Lou Specha said, even with the violence plaguing the neighborhood, Dr. King’s vision is still attainable.

“We do have to have the courage to step out just like Martin Luther King.  He had to be overwhelmed every day–things that happened to him, but we can’t give up,” Specha said.