An ‘Angel’ In Marrero: Keeping Kids From A Life of Violence & Drugs

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Angel Nicholas is showing kids love and using the power of playing and praying to make a change in Marrero.

“We’re a community force that’s reaching out telling kids, let’s love each other,” Nicholas said.

Every day, she’s out on the corner of Acres and Cohen Street spreading love to the neighborhood kids.  She calls her community outreach, “Royal Kings and Queens”.

“We named them ‘Royal Kings and Queens’ because that’s what they are.  They are great.”

By treating them with respect, she hopes that will translate to them acting with respect when they get older.

“I’m really trying to send the message to stop violence in this area,” she said.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day she is doing something special for the neighborhood kids.  She is giving them gowns and tuxedos for making good grades.  They are going to wear their new outfits in the neighborhood MLK Day parade.

Like Martin Luther King, she too has a dream.  A dream of peace.

“This is a 7 day thing.  Trying to reach out to a child.  We’re going to show them that we love them.  They don’t have to kill or hate,”  Nicholas said.