Rex Organization Files Lawsuit Against King Rex Spirits Inc.

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The Rex Organization is suing a California liquor company called King Rex Spirits Inc.

“The Rex organization and its members have worked very hard to help create what Mardi Gras has become today,” says King Logan with Krewe of Rex.

King Rex Spirits Inc. out of Chino, California markets what they call an ultra-premium line of vodka, rum and bourbon bottled with a purple green and gold Mardi Gras mask logo.

“When they announced their products earlier in 2012 we of course found out about it,” says King Logan.

The Rex Organization says King Rex Spirits Inc. declined their request to cease and desist, “So that led to our decision to file a lawsuit.”

Wgno`s multiple attempts seeking comment from King Rex Spirits Inc. remain unanswered.

“It will confuse people.  It`s essentially a form of identity theft. They`ve crossed the line,” says King Logan.

The Rex Organization wants to protect their icons, imagery and history with vested interest dating back more than a century, “It may imply the Rex organization is now in the practice of bottling alcoholic spirits which of course we`re not. Which is totally illegal and obviously unethical as well.”

The Rex Organization hopes their legal action results in an injunction for King Spirit’s Inc. to remove their product from shelves plus monetary damages yet to be calculated.

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