Landrieu: Gun Control Among Topics At Mayors’ Conference

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New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu will meet with more than 250 mayors from around the country at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting.

The event will focus on gun control and other issues like job creation and immigration.

Landrieu is the chair and will lead a meeting of the Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment and Sports Committee.  He returns to New Orleans on Friday.

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  • popseal

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving are fighting the good fight by attacking drunkeness. They aren't trying to close General Motors or car dealerships. Politicians on the other hand, are going for cheap points by attacking guns rather than the idiots behind firearms misuse. Criminals and psychos are the problems not the guns they use. Adding to the 20,000+ gun laws now in affect will not stop another Sandy Hook. That's why politicians will never give up their heaviy armed personal protection details. 1. irresponsible parents 2. liberal judges 3. a failed mental health environmenl……are the places to look for solutions.

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