Crews Dress Downtown Buildings For Super Bowl

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SuperdomeCity buildings are getting a makeover for the Super Bowl.

Several tall structures in the Central Business District are being wrapped in Super Bowl themed vinyl.

The city of New Orleans is getting new duds for Super Bowl 47.

“You can feel the city getting excited about it,” Michael Liuzza said.

The custom-made Super Bowl wardrobe is being created at Crystal Clear Imaging.

“We’re real excited,” Crystal Clear Spokesman Arthur Boisfontaine said.

Leaders of the local company are honored to have such a big role in Super Bowl preps.

They’ve partnered with a graphics company working for the NFL to do all of the building wraps in the city.

Buildings like the Superdome, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and soon Benson Tower to name a few.

And given other improvements wrapping up in through the CBD, the city will transform for the international spotlight.

“It gives us a moment for global acceptance, Liuzza said. “The whole world will be watching in a few weeks.” “So for us, I’m glad the city is taking it seriously you what I mean.”

Days away from the big game, it’s one tall order to get it done.

“Everyone has a commitment to do the job and get it done by the deadline,” Boisfontaine said.  “Rain shine, sleet, or snow, we’re going to do it.”

We watched crews carefully, and methodically placing panels of vinyl along the lower end of  the Superdome.

“We have professionals at crystal clear and they do a great job,” Boisfontaine said.

Michael Liuzza saw the work in progress.

“This is us coming together as a city and as a family, putting our best face and best feet forward and showing the world what we got,” Liuzza said.

Christopher Howell checked out the Hyatt’s new look, which features a decorative football statue, and a tall image of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“I think it’s a nice change of the regular,” Christopher Howell said. “It’s good to look at. It’s going to be good for the tourists to look at when they come in. It’s really impressive.”

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