Ritz Rolls Out Red Carpet for Super Bowl Guests

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Drew Brees knows exactly what he wants before a big game and he usually eats it the Ritz Carlton New Orleans.  Some say he even lost a match-up when the team stayed at a different hotel in town!  According to M Bistro chef de cuisine Emily Dillport, “Drew Brees went to look for his favorite dish and the venue did not have that dish.  So he ended up having to make a concoction of his own which was somewhat similar to what he likes to eat and they ended up losing the game that day!”

Don’t fret, though, because M Bistro is offering up Breesy Beefy Mac and other Super Bowl inspired specials just in time for the big game.  In the kitchen, chef adds garlic and shallots to a hot pan and then mixes in the seasonings and meat.  She says, “Once you have everything cooked pretty evenly, you’re gonna add your tomatoes.”  She pops in a few more ingredients and the game day dish is complete!

“And that is our famous Ritz Carlton Breesy Beefy Mac!”

If mac doesn’t float your boat, check out their Big Easy Burger or Fourth Down French Toast.  Chef says, “It’s new for us.  It’s new for the city.  We’re very excited about it.  We’re trying to go over the top and blow our guests away and anyone else that wants to join us for jazz, for drinks, for dinner.”  After the celebrations are done, the Ritz Carlton can help out with your hangover as well!  The recovery concierge offers something called the hair of the Dog Bloody Mary and they also have a Cure Royal.

Dillport says her staff will work 7 days a week leading up to the big game.  She hopes those extra hours will result in a winning weekend for the Ritz Carlton and for the city of New Orleans.