Accused Robber Facing Bucket Full of Charges

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Slidell Police arrested a man accused of burglarizing his former place of employment with a bucket on his head.

Officers say Richard Boudreaux dressed in camouflage and wore gloves on the night he set out to burglarize Kenney’s Seafood but forgot his mask early Tuesday morning.

He remembered the business has security cameras and placed a bucket on his head before taking cash from the register, police said.

The department says Boudreaux then tried to break into Jerry’s Buy and Sell pawn shop but went home after his unsuccessful burglary attempts.

Police say Boudreaux told them he wanted to break into Kenney’s Seafood because he was having money problems and bad blood with the store owner.

Officers say he told them he wanted to get a gun from the pawn shop because he was afraid of future gun laws being passed.

Boudreaux is charged with simple burglary of a business and attempted simple burglary of a business.

Police say they also charged him with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia for items found in his home at the time of his arrest.