Wrap Yourself Skinny

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It may look like something out of a science fiction movie, but people are wrapping themselves around Louisiana and the rest of the country. You can call it the latest fad to tone, tighten, lift, and minimize!
“I was very skeptical. I bought it as a favor for a friend and absolutely fell in love with it,” says  Jennifer Kern, “I put it on one night and it tightened toned and firmed and really helped my stomach area so I was very, very, very impressed with it, but the beauty of the wrap is that they keep working for three days so your best results are going to be on that third day.”
It’s called the Ultimate Body Applicator. One box typically sells for $99. You can cut the wrap to fit your problem area and Kern suggests using saran wrap to hold it in place. There’s even an applicator made for your face and popularized in a tweet by Demi Moore.
Each box comes with four wraps. It’s about a month supply, and once you actually put the wrap on you’ll have to wait about an hour for it to work.
Molly Kimball Registered Dietician with Ochsner’s Elmwood fitness center hasn’t tried the wraps. She says if you’re hooked maximize temporary results by making them permanent with diet and exercise.
“Some of those ingredients, a lot of them are caffeine based ingredients and different herbs that have been shown to impact the fluid in our cells or impact how much fat accumulates in cells. So they are improving the appearance or the texture, but they’re not really causing lasting fat loss, lasting weight loss,” says Kimball.
Jennifer says the wraps are addicting and she’s got her friends addicted as well. So do they work? Most women here saw instant results, but we’ll let you decide!
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