Curtis celebrates football national title

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American Football 2John Curtis Christian school is celebrating the school’s first national football championship.

The #1 team in the country was recognized by the school at a ceremony on campus Monday afternoon. The football team also presented the state championship trophy to principal Larry Manguno.

Curtis defeated Evangel in the 2a championship game to win its 25th state football crown.

Head coach J.T. Curtis said that a pair of big wins over a Florida team and in the state title game, helped boost Curtis’ national ranking.

“The Plant victory and then our victory in the Superdome in the championship game against a very good Evangel team,”said Curtis. ” And, like anything else, some things have to break your way.”

DeSoto, Texas was considered a contender for the national title. But, DeSoto was defeated in the Texas state playoffs.

Curtis outscored opponents 677 to 60 in 14 games. The school celebrated its 13th perfect season.

John Curtis has played for the state championship every season since 1996.


  • Jazzy

    Besides the parents and college freshman that attend John Curtis…..does anyone really care about them winning 20 something state titles and this national championship? John Curtis is a fraud holding back kids in 5th and 6th grade since the LHSAA won't allow them to hold students back in 8th grade any longer! That… plus recruiting… all equals their success. It also drives me nuts that the MEDIA doesn't investigate John Curtis for the tactics that they do yearly in order for them to continue their success not just in football but all sports presently! Anyone with vision and a pulse can see the college freshman of John Curtis playing High School athletes every Friday night! A monkey could coach Curtis FB so please stop all of the praise for Coach JT Curtis!! Put JT at a school that follows the rules and see if he wins one state title….much less 20 something!

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