Justin Bieber Super Fan Tweeting the Superstar To Get Him To Visit Her School

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On Tuesday night, Justin Bieber will be performing at the New Orleans Arena.  One fan, 17-year old, Jac Bedrossian already has tickets to the big show, but she wants to meet the superstar.

“I’ve been tweeting like crazy,” she said.

Bedrossian is tweeting with a purpose.  This Justin Bieber super fan wants “The Biebs” to come to her school, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, while he’s in New Orleans for his show.  She’s been tweeting the singer almost 24/7 to get him to visit her school.

“We made a You Tube video, so he could watch.  I know he’s big on Twitter, so I’ve been tweeting him the link in hopes that he will respond,” she said.

She got her classmates at NOCCA to help her make the You Tube video.  What she wants most is to sit down and interview Bieber for her school show, “NOCCA Talks”.

“I would ask him, did you know that you would be this successful,”  Bedrossian said.

To her, he’s a huge inspiration.

“He’s someone that is our age.  He’s very talented and he’s living the dream.”

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