Political Strategist Assures City Will Be Super Bowl Ready

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He’s known for picking political winners and losers.

But now James Carville has a guaranteed lock for the super bowl.

“I think we have a real story here and super bowl is a way to tell our story,” says James Carville at a street corner press conference preaching super bowl words of encouragement. “I think we got this old gussy shined-up and polished pretty good.”

By old gussy, Carville means the city of New Orleans.

By’ shined-up and polished, he means construction, “Everything is going to be finished. It`s going to be finished on time!

By everything, Carville means everything, “The airport. The area around the Superdome. The streetcar line.  Everything.”

Many are skeptical looking around at roads still under super bowl construction, then seeing the calendar shows only three weeks until super bowl, “Their skepticism is understandable.  It`s going to be difficult for our residents to get around,” says Carville.

The political personality encourages locals to endure just a few more weeks of traffic headaches and keep their eye on the prize of how this super bowl can make a positive impact.

“The streets are going to be much better, much prettier and in much better condition.  That airport is going to be three times better than it was,” says Carville.

His faith the City of New Orleans will be ready for super bowl forty seven comes with a personal guarantee, “If we got three or four days to go and it`s not done, you can catch me there with a wheel barrow pouring concrete. I don`t know. Doing something.”

Carville says ninety five percent of super bowl traffic decisions come at the orders of Homeland Security.

Residents can plan ahead as super bowl road closures and detours are posted online.