Get Cash Back for Energy-Efficient Upgrades

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It’s a joint effort between the City of New Orleans, Department of Energy and Southeast Energy Alliance.  A group called “NOLA Wise” will send a contractor to your home to determine how much energy you’re losing and how they can help you conserve it.

Homeowners Syliva Rushing and Michael Dukes are fed up with their sky-high energy bills, which have topped $500 in the sweaty summer months.  They installed foam insulation and energy efficient windows after Hurricane Katrina, but the huge size of their home and amenities like the pool out back are sucking their bank accounts dry.  Dukes says, “This high energy bill.  It’s still extremely high after I did as much as I possibly could to be energy efficient, my bill still remains extremely high.”

The upgrades don’t always come cheap, especially when you’re talking about new appliances and big ticket items that make your home more energy efficient, but there can be a savings in the long run.  NOLA Wise expects to save you at least 12%, up to about 30% on your energy bills and if you sign up right now, they have a $750 rebate on any energy improvements that you make!

Program manager Camille Lopez explains, “If you sign a contract to make your home more energy efficient, using one of the NOLA Wise contractors, NOLA Wise will write you a check for $750 cash back.”

Contractor Nicoli Alatzas says there may be additional savings on top of that.  He says, “All of these items also carry their own rebate value through Energy Smart and the NOLA wise program.  These incentives can range from 20 cents a square foot on some of the air sealing measures to 35 cents a square foot for attic insulation.”

It only costs $35 to have NOLA Wise conduct the assessment and it’s up to you whether or not to make the improvements.  For more information, visit