Tulane Fans, Where Were You?

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WGNO Sports Director Ed Daniels’ EDitorial for Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

It was the perfect night for the Tulane basketball fans to show up and make a difference.

The Wave was riding a five game winning streak and was 10 and 0 at home this season.  Tulane was playing its conference home opener.

Often during the year, I am asked by Tulane fans why Tulane doesn’t get the coverage it deserves.  My question to you:  Where were you tonight?  No excuses, please.  Was it a school night?  Too foggy outside?  You already had too much king cake and couldn’t make it?

The lack of fans in the stands tonight was downright embarrassing.  Thank goodness for the Helen Cox Band and a group of Marquette students making their yearly sojourn to the Crescent City.

Kudos to those who showed, the several hundred that did.

Those who didn’t, please do not send me emails or harassing phone calls.  Your absence tonight told me all I need to know.


  • Gennaro Duhe

    Your editorial aabout the lack of support for Tukane Sports events is right on target. I have been an active menber of the so-called Tulane fans who attend the games. Even if there is a fog. The administration continuesl to drift along as a ship does without a rudder! I have been a fan since the 1947 season, as a youth things looked brighter;now reality has taken over. However I am still going and wishing for the best.

  • fallenchemist

    You do realize Tulane is still on break and the students don't start class again until Monday January 14, right? Excellent job of research for a reporter (please note the sarcasm).

    • Joe

      Fallenchemist – do YOU realize that Tulane students notoriously do NOT support school athletics? But Tulane bills themselves as having the most amazing ALUMNI network of any school in this city. Let's tone down the sarcasm, shall we, and look at the issue at hand: even when Tulane does well, almost nobody comes out to support them. Maybe they should just stick to academics?

  • Tim G

    Hey, let's build a 30,000-seat STADIUM for all the Tulane fans not to go to! (It'll look a little less embarrassing than the empty Superdome the team had to play in last year. Literally could not GIVE tickets away to their home games.)

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