Government Sponsored Hurricane Bailouts Are Bad In Any Language

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I am glad to see that Louisiana is finally being recognized as something other than the place from whence bad Southern accents in Dennis Quaid & Brad Pitt movies originate; now we can add badly thought out federal bailouts to our resume.

Bellowing from his perch in the U.S. Senate last week, Harry Reid proclaimed two absurdities worthy of notice. One, that Hurricane Sandy was far worse than Hurricane Katrina and two that because in Katrina’s wake Congress irrationally appropriated $150 BILLION in mostly bailout money, that should be the beau ideal on which we base future Hurricane lotteries.

In the first question, what is the necessity of debating the deadly impact of the storms sent our way from nature’s God? Comparing the number of dead & damaged properties is not something to be done casually like comparing the wins & losses of pro-sports teams. The operative question should be what governing authority or private property owner is to be held responsible for these disasters aftermath?

The Federal Constitution grants to Congress no such powers and we know this because as late as 1928 and the great Mississippi River floods the only “federal” response was levy construction. Those same levies are the ones that ultimately gave way after Katrina. Legally then, the feds implied a level of safety to those living behind those levies thus total costs for rebuilding same, falls to them and that’s where it should have ended.

Because it did not, and certainly Katrina victims weren’t pioneers in this, now ALL manner of disasters ostensibly make the Feds, bailers out of first resort. This only continues to encourage people to build houses where there is every expectation they will be destroyed, yes that includes Southeast Louisiana and New Jersey.

Harry Reid is certainly a demagogue and this instance will be on his highlight reel but cleanup & property repair after future Katrinas should fall to New Jerseyians, Floridians and yes Louisianans, regardless of what accent that is said in, y’all.