Robbed Freret Street business supports private security patrols

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Another Uptown neighborhood is planning to join the ranks of communities with private security patrols.

Residents of the Freret Community met Tuesday night to further discuss ways of keeping their neighborhood safe.

Freret neighbors are enjoying rebirth and renewal; exciting new neighbors, and thriving new businesses.

It’s why neighborhood leaders gathered to talk about ways to keep the area safe.

Newly elected City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell was there.

“Residents are the best experts on their neighborhood and so I’m here to listen and really get to work in a timely fashion, but making sure we manage our level of expectations,”  Cantrell said.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, one of several key issues discussed was creating a security district.

Dat DogThe need was underscored last month when an employee at the popular eatery, Dat Dog was shot during a robbery on Freret Street.

Supporters of the proposed security district believe private security patrols could help reduce crime.

“I don’t think NOPD can do it by themselves, community leader Dean Gancarz-Dabies said. “I just think it’s too vast a neighborhood and they’ve got too few resources. I think they do a great job but anything extra could help.”

“The most important thing is to have a physical presence,” Constantine Georges said.

Business owner Constantine Georges says along with strengthening the neighborhood watch, security patrols will further deter crime.

“Someone see’s patrols regularly, if you’re a criminal you’ll probably go to another area,” Georges said.

And that’s how Michael Casey sees it.

He’s opening a new sandwich shop on Freret Street next month.

He supports the idea of private security patrols.

“If that makes people feel safe and happier about coming down here and spending their money I’m all for it,” Casey said.

The proposed security patrols are still in the developmental stages.

The issue won’t come to a vote until fall.

There will be further discussion at the next monthly meeting.