Flu Season Among Worst In A Decade

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It’s being called one of the worst flu seasons in about a decade. Darian Trotter reports on the earlier than usual flu season, and what you can do to stay healthy.

By now you or someone you know has been down and out, sickened by the flu. There have been so many people ill, medical experts are calling this season one of the worst flu seasons in ten years.

Sarah Stoehr’s not surprised. “No not surprised at all.”

She and several of her siblings were sick with the flu at the same time.

“It was two weeks before Christmas and after that we all had upper respiratory infection and so it was a three week down for the count sort of sickness,” Stoehr described.

“I just got over it in fact I’m still taking medication for it,”  Tony Rivera said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dozens of states across the country are reporting an earlier than usual spike in flu activity.

In the affected states the number of flu cases have been increasing weekly.

“Especially this week, it just goes up, and up, and up every week,” Dr. Nicholas Van Sickels said.

Dr. Van Sickels works at Tulane Medical Center. He says the number of patients being treated for flu-like illness is above the national baseline for the fourth consecutive week.

The best line of defense, he says, is to wash and get the flu shot; especially high risk groups.

“Younger, old people, people with chronic medical conditions, such as heart or lung problems, people with weakened immune systems tend to in general be more susceptible to complications from influenza,” Van Sickels said.

Rivera said, “This year I don’t know why I got it but I don’t normally get sick with the flu.” Trotter asked,  “Did you take your shot? Uh no,” Rivera replied.

Experts say the vaccine is safe, and it works. It’s why Susan Schwander is not worried about getting sick.

“I’ve then the shot the last few years,” Schwander said. “I haven’t had any problems with the flu so I just feel like I’ve done everything I can to prevent it so.”

The flu season has not yet reached its peak. Experts say it is not too late to get vaccinated.

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