Anxiously awaiting the CCC toll vote recount

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It was great news for all in metro New Orleans when a Baton Rouge judge ordered a recount of the controversial Crescent City Connection toll renewal vote. Over 308,000 people voted with the measure passing by only 18 votes.

As I’ve said before, right here, any election decided by 18 votes when over 300,000 are cast should be automatically recounted by law. Obviously, the Baton Rouge judge feels the same way.

When the electronic vote was counted the measure failed to pass by nearly 1,000 votes. It was only after hand counted votes, exclusively from Orleans Parish, that the election swung the other way.

Maybe it’s all legit and the election was accurate. Or maybe some politicians manipulated the process. Either way, thanks to State District Judge William Morvant, a recount should give us the real vote of the people.

Pass or fail, an accurate vote is essential in any election and especially this one.