We Didn’t Avoid A Fiscal Cliff, We Made It Higher

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When most people think of cliffs, they probably conjure up an image of the lovable Wyle E Coyote chasing the Road Runner at breakneck speed across a desert plateau, the Road Runner pivots on a dime and makes a right turn at the edge of a cliff the Coyote cannot and laughter ensues. Well, according our vaunted superiors in the ubiquitous cabal known as “the media”, the United States just pulled a Road Runner at the edge of “Fiscal Cliff Gulch”. This would be nice if it were true.

The details emerging from the deal that averted “The Cliff” say that the feds traded $1 in government spending reduction for every $42 in tax increases which is to say we have averted “The Cliff” by vaulting off the Coyote’s back ever higher into debt oblivion before falling and I haven’t even gotten to the REALLY good news yet: Those tax increases I mentioned above, allegedly will not “hit” the sacred “middle class”. Well, to coin a phrase from President Clinton, that assurance relies on “…what your definition of Tax is”.

You see, our corrupted governing class is still on track to spend $4.8 TRILLION MORE than they are to receive over the next 10 years. To make up the difference, Congress will whip out their American Excess checks although unlike the TV commercials where actor Karl Malden wielded paper copies, all that is required today is to transfer a zero or 13 via the internet and “AlaKaSham!” You have Instant Fake Money!

When the new fake money is added to the old fake money there is more fake money in the system to purchase the same amount of goods. Now smart people with three initials after their surnames call this inflation. I prefer to call call it by its real name: tax. A tax that will be borne disproportionately by that “sacred middle class” who seemingly don’t realize they have been pushed, off a cliff.