78-Year-Old Woman Pepper Sprayed During Attack

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A 78-year old woman was pepper sprayed during a home invasion; now Jefferson Parish deputies are searching for whoever is responsible.

“Well I think it’s kind of scary and crazy you know,” said neighbor Hope Caulfield.

Ever since word got around that the 78-year old woman was hurt during a home invasion robbery, people living around this Lafitte bayou have been angry and on guard.

“They had to know she was old so, I mean what kind of person would do that,” a second male neighbor said.

Investigators with Jefferson Parish say it happened early Friday morning in the 4-thousand block of Jean Lafitte Boulevard.

The victim was sleeping on her sofa, when someone came into her home and blasted her with pepper spray; as soon as she opened her eyes.

“That’s just uncalled for; no one should be treated like that,” the male neighbor said.

The victim was temporarily blinded and could not see her attacker; as police say he rummaged through the house, and eventually took her purse and a bag of medication she so desperately needs.

“Obviously, it’s someone she knows and they were only for one purpose and didn’t steal anything else,” Caulfield said.

“I don’t know, maybe some people involved with drugs’ trying to get some money or something likes that,” the male neighbor said.

Detectives say the senior was shoved down, as she tried to stand up.

The attacker reportedly asked, “Where’s your stuff?” before finding and making away with her medication.

“My hope is that they find whoever did that to her,” Caulfield said. “It’s a small town. Everybody knows everybody so whoever did it, if they’re from the bayou it’s going to come out.”

Investigators think the male attacker was working with a female accomplice.

The victim reported, hearing what she thought was a woman’s voice during the attack.

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  • liz

    That is mom that this horrible thing happen to.. and I hope and pray that catch them.. we have a pretty good idea who did it but can’t prove to the authorities… but like hope said it will come out eventualy….

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