Sugar Bowl Fans Having A Sweet Time in New Orleans

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Prior to the Florida Gators and Louisville Cardinals battle in the Superdome to determine this year’s Allstate Sugar Bowl champion, pre-game skirmishes between shivering fans ignited the French quarter.

The general consensus Wednesday before kick-off is there are more Louisville fans in the French  Quarter Than Florida.  Just ask any Gator, “There`s so many of them. They`re like, It`s not this cold in Louisville,” says Samantha Barnes from Florida.

“We only brought half the fans,” chimes in Denise Martin from Kentucky.

Tyris supports Louisville but his brother Roy pulls for Florida, “I`m a diehard Gator fan, says Roy.  “And people can`t stand that back at home. As I got older I got to choose my team and I chose the Gators.”

Out of town football fans are expected to leave a $150 million dollar impact on the city, “My wallet got stolen,” says a Louisville fan.  “But that`s okay. I`m still having a great freakin’ time.”

This is the 79th year New Orleans hosts the Sugar Bowl, bringing in two billion dollars  of economic impact for the city and state in the last decade alone.